Patient Adherence

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One of the biggest problems facing the pharmaceutical industry is patient non-adherence. Healthcare providers know the issue all to well; once patients are put on a treatment plan, 50 to 60 percent are likely to skip treatment protocols. In total, it costs the industry $300 billion per year.

The reasons for patient non-adherence are varying. They can be influenced by the social or economic aspects of the patients life, the condition itself, the health system, and the medications. Low health literacy or a lack of proper understanding about their condition or the treatment can play a role. To reduce non-adherence you must confront all these issues and more.

Axiom Pharma Synergy’s many years in the industry is exactly what you need to fight this ever-present problem. Our highly experienced team is well versed in all of these issues and the most effective ways to deal with them.

Axiom Pharma Synergy uses a multitude of proven techniques and methods to make certain that our designs will decrease non-adherence. Our designs are specially produced to tackle the motivations behind this patient behavior. With the expertise of Pharma Synergy we will help you eliminate non-adherence.