Structural Design

Unique Design Features for Eye Popping Impressions

• Rotating windows, Multi-stage pop-ups
• Transforming drop downs, Venetian blinds
• Multi sliders, Self moving book boxes
• Changing imagery, Digital voice integration
• Interactive sensory applications
• Unique substrates and specialty finishing

Concept and Design Planning

Here at Axiom, we work with you to create an ideal design for your branding goals. Our expert design teams produce ideas that are captivating and relevant in today’s competitive market. Each design is constructed around function and structural integrity. Our designs will reinforce your unique brand message and leave the audience with a lasting positive experience.

Virtual Model and Prototype

Axiom offers a full preview of the potential final product. Packaging concepts can be experienced first hand in full color 3D graphics with our Virtual Interactive Packaging Solution. You view and interact with a virtual version of your product, folding, unfolding and viewing designs from any direction. This can be done on your personal computer or from any web access point. Our designs are then transformed into working prototypes. These full-color prototypes give you accurate color samples on the final design.